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"Be a Part of an Inspiring Legacy of Quality Education"

Father of The Society

Late Rao Krishna Pal Singh 1899-1975

Whose benevolence, generosity and gumanitarianism will keep inspiring future generations for all that is great and good in human life. Read More >>

The Rao Krishna Pal Singh Student Aid Society

The Rao Krishna Pal Singh Students’ Aid Society is engaged in the altruistic work of raising funds to help poor and meritorious students in any of the institutes under the Balwant Educational Society, Agra irrespective of their caste, creed, religion and location of birth. The Society was funded in 1977. The policy is to utilise only the interest on the Fixed Deposits in making awards

Late Dr Ram Karan Singh Ji had done magnificent job by founding this society in 1977 which act as a medium of financial help to the meritorious and poor students who studying aT RBS College and other affiliated institutions.

Financial condition of society is going strong day by day under the regular guidance of Society patron

Founder Of The Society

Late Dr. R.K. Singh


Society Annual Report (year 2016-2017)

Sr.No. Description Details
1 Financial Award Rs. 13,500.0/-
2 Financial Aid Rs. 1,36,000.0/
3 Members 425
4 Patron Members 138
5 F.D.Rs Rs. 13,19,541.0/-
6 Balance in S.B. A/c Rs. 2,57,559.0/-

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